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Atomic Reach helps you optimize and personalize the language of your content with AI, so you can speak your customer’s language.


When communicating with your customers, whether through a blog post, an email, an ad copy, or a product listing, the language you use can make or break your communications’ effectiveness. 

Figuring out what language works best is an elusive task that is incredibly tough for a human brain. There are too many variables for us to analyze all at once when writing, and the nuances between words can appear to be so minor on the surface, but to the recipient convey a world of difference. 

Our Artificial Intelligence can solve this problem for you, and enable you to speak your customer’s language!

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Insights by AI

Understand your audience - Tell you what attracts your audience’s attention and engages them

Custom profiles

Personalize your email subject line and body - Show you the language that works best for each customer segment and persona

Smart editing tool

Write better and faster - Automate editing using customer insights to accelerate your writing process

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With Atomic Reach and Marketo integration, you have a best-in-class solution for email marketing optimization and personalization at scale. 

Atomic Reach platform draws out the insights from the customer data within Marketo and shows you how to improve your email subject line and body for better performance. 

Custom content profiles created within the platform enables delivery of personalized messaging to each customer, while smart editing tool accelerates writing and editing process.

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