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atEvent lets you capture the information that matters to your marketing and sales process at events and automatically transfer it to Marketo.


Move beyond lead capture at events, conferences, and tradeshows with atEvent—the most powerful event lead automation solution on the market today. atEvent’s best-in-class technology not only captures leads at events, conferences, and tradeshows, but integrates them directly into Marketo.

With atEvent, standardize how you capture leads at events, capture context of the conversation and qualified follow up actions, and put your leads to action today. Move beyond basic lead capture with rich interaction data and detailed event insights, so you know what’s working—and what’s not—when it comes to your event marketing strategy.

Learn more about atEvent and Marketo on the atEvent website.


atEvent Integration with Marketo

atEvent's flexible and sophisticated integration with Marketo enables you to execute immediate, targeted follow-up with your hard-won leads.

  • Automatically populate atEvent with pre-registered attendees from your Marketo landing page so your team can check in prospects, add rich interaction data, and automatically alert on-the-floor salespeople about key prospects as they arrive.
  • Set up smart Marketo campaigns that trigger activities, such as sending sales alerts, updating attendee lists and information, and sending emails and other communications to prospects automatically. atEvent fields map to Marketo contact fields, so your Marketo Contact objects are updated with the insights you capture at events—seamlessly and automatically.

Learn more about atEvent's Marketo integrations on the atEvent website.

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