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atEvent automates the process for bringing leads from any size event into Marketo. Saves time & drives faster conversions.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Capture Prospect Information
  • Rich Interaction Records
  • Marketo Lead Form Integration
  • Capture Granular Analytics

atEvent's leading event sales intelligence solution helps companies capture qualified leads from events that include the context from sales conversations.  atEvent also helps companies measure and monetize their event activity, and accelerate sales lead velocity after events.  With atEvent for your smartphone, you can scan attendee’s business cards or badges to accurately capture prospect contact info in addition to simply adding pre-populated topics of interest and follow-up actions that flow automatically into your Marketo system without having to upload spreadsheets.

Our solution is fully integrated with Marketo to provide a user- and account-level view of prospect activity that drives automated, rapid follow-up and personalized prospect nurturing.

Key features can be found on our website HERE.

Marketo Integration

atEvent Integration with Marketo 

Capture leads in near real-time from your events and trigger follow-up activities and lead scoring automatically with atEvent that integrate directly with Marketo.

  • Tie any call-to-action in atEvent to forms, enabling near real-time data capture and seamless data transfer into Marketo. This eliminates the manual processes of lead collection, and data upload that are common in event marketing. 
  • Allows your interactions with prospects at events to trigger follow-up actions from Marketo such as asset delivery and lead scoring, dramatically reducing follow-up times with your event prospects. 
  • atEvent captures all your prospect interactions at events so you have a complete picture of prospect activity. This detailed prospect intelligence allows marketers to place granular lead scoring rules and follow-up actions around different types of event interactions.