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AskNicely Net Promoter Score (NPS) Software

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The world's most loved Net Promoter Score™ software. A powerful, yet simple tool for collecting customer feedback and growing customer value.
Main Features
  • Trigger NPS surveys in Marketo
  • View NPS data in Marketo
  • Mobile friendly
  • Measure NPS® by segment

How it works

  • Customers are sent one simple customisable question "how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?" with a one-touch answer 0-10 rating.
  • Surveys are generally sent via email, but can be in-app or within your website.
  • After rating, a customer can submit one additional piece of feedback.
  • Results are continuously measured and synced back to prospect records in Marketo.
  • Rather than sending batch blasts of surveys, we recommend configuring triggers like new purchases, support requests or billing anniversaries - this can easily be added as part of new or existing flows in Marketo.
  • Login to the AskNicely software to view your overall NPS score and combine that with data from Marketo to measure score across different customer types or areas of the business.

Why NPS?

Customer feedback is most effective when it's collected in real time and when it can be tracked over time. The Net Promoter Score frame work provides an easy and measurable way to collect feedback. NPS is widely recognized as one of the most important metrics for businesses as it doesn't just measure customer satisfaction, but also gives a strong indicator of potential growth from your existing customer base. This is particularly important for high growth SaaS and technology businesses.

  • Easy for customers to fill out.
  • Collect data continuously and in real-time.
  • Industry standard, recognized metric.

Why AskNicely?

AskNicely's NPS software provides one of the fastest ways to setup and start measuring NPS. Not only is it easy to setup, AskNicely provides some of the most powerful data out of your NPS data to help you grow your business faster.

By integrating directly with Marketo and a range of other data sources, you can trigger surveys at exactly the right time and view your NPS data across different business segments, products or functions. The ability to split NPS data across the business means you can identify high performing and problem areas of the business much faster.

We've taken all the hard work out of the NPS setup process because the sooner you start measuring NPS, the sooner you'll see results. Easily customisable, mobile friendly templates work with your branding and provide industry-leading response rates (customers see an average response rate to surveys of 52%).

  • Fast setup
  • Easy integration
  • Measure NPS with other customer data
  • High response rates