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The SIERA Master Business Administration System (MBAS) is a complete business management system.


SIERA MBAS  - the power and clarity to run your organization from a single platform!

MBAS stands for Master Business Administration System. Why MBAS? Because it's believed that an MBA has the knowledge needed to help a person run a business, SIERA is the "S" or System component to help that person. 

SIERA MBAS is a very large data management system designed to facilitate all business operations. The success of any SIERA MBAS implementation is dependent on definition of two primary foundational components.

  • Business Process
  • Data

These two components drive all  aspects of a SIERA MBAS implementation. Additionally, since SIERA MBAS is driven by process (business functional layer), modification to flow and process sequence can be achieved dynamically. This enables us to meet more than 90% of the functionality needed in any implementation. We did not stop there. Understanding that each business is unique and that we needed to allow for an easy and quick way to make more profound changes in how things work and flow in SIERA MBAS we created what we call a business programmatic functional layerwhich is architected to be easily modified and distributed when necessary; making it easy for us to quickly and easily meet the business system needs of any business. 

With this architectural approach, SIERA MBAS is not focused on one particular solution like ERP, CRM or others, its focus is on process and data. It is because of this fundamental way of thinking that empowers us to deliver SIERA MBAS to any business for almost any functional area they need it in. 




Aries is commited to creating technologies that deliver to business owners the tools they need to invovate and grow. Our integration with Marketo like many others delivers a robust and dyanmic platform from which to meet any business needs.

Our Marketo integration modules allows us to create seemles data flows to and from Marketo.  Used within our SIERA MBAS system, we are able to deliver robust integrated Business Intelligence (BI) insights to your Marketo environment.


Our integration accounts for all available APIs offered by Marketo. 

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