AppsFlyer's OneLink - Mobile attribution

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AppsFlyer's OneLink is the leading smart deeplinking technology allowing to use a single measurement link for all properties (web, iOS, Android)
Main Features
  • Supports Deferred Deeplinking
  • Build referral programs
  • Convert from Desktop to Mobile
  • Great for Emails footers

AppsFlyer's OneLink unique smart-link deeplinking solution offers the ultimate combination of features to result in an immensely valuable tool for mobile marketing operations surrounding social promotions, email promos, user-referral programs, etc.

The capability to provide the optimal user journey begins with OneLink’s ability to detect which device a user is actively using and at the same time detects whether the app is already install. Irrespective of the previous step, users can then be deeplinked directly to specific content (coupons, rewards, special offers, etc.)/ This, in turn, means that advertisers can setup to also A/B test with different content promotions. Details for how to setup OneLink can be seen here. With attribution data provided in full real-time, advertisers can call campaign data directly from the app and immediately serve relevant content.