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AppNexus is a technology company whose cloud-based software platform powers and optimizes the programmatic sale and purchase of digital advertising.
Main Features
  • Open & customizable technology
  • Efficient access to supply
  • Comprehensive data solutions
  • Programmable Technology

AppNexus is the world’s leading independent ad tech platform. Building on top of the AppNexus open platform, our customers maximize yield, monetization and campaign effectiveness. As customers’ technology requirements change, we power their evolution and help them to scale, pivot, and grow.

We provide solutions for Publishers, Agencies/Advertisers and Ad Tech Companies. AppNexus helps the world’s top publishers fully monetize their content through integrated ad serving and programmatic selling solutions. We help brands connect with consumers, empowering agencies and advertisers with a uniquely powerful approach to programmatic. Ad tech and media companies also use AppNexus to power value-add enhancements for marketers and publishers.