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AmpLive - Live Video Distribution

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Using Live video to engage your audience? Than you need AmpLive to help scale your live event and reach the right people.
Main Features
  • Get more engaged viewers
  • Collect valuable insights
  • Attention Retargeting tech
  • Build your own audience

Using Live video is hard. Driving people to a specific place and time adds a level of difficulty when using live video to engage an audience. We do it because it creates 40x more engagement than traditional VOD assets. AmpLive was built to solve this very specific problem. Drive more people to my live broadcast to make my event successful. 

Armed with our Attention Retargeting Technology, we can segment your live audience and show you as a marketer who to follow up with based on your goals. 

Take action and drive ROI using AmpLive for Live Video. 

About AmpLive: We are the audience builder for content marketers. Since February 2015, AmpLive has run hundreds of campaigns for live content marketers from every industry, from enterprise to tech. We help them to build, segment, and retarget to an audience based on viewer interest and attention. Through this approach we reached over 80M live viewers in 2015 and continue to drive some of the largest live online broadcasts in history.