Amplifinity – referral automation platform

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Amplifinity's referral amplification platform enables a new organic acquisition channel that yields the highest quality demand generation.
Main Features
  • Referral Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • CRM Integration
  • Agent/Partner Referrals


Amplifinity: Make the World your Sales Team

Amplifinity referral marketing software creates a dedicated, white labeled channel that generates revenue growth for sales-driven companies. Amplifinity turns customer, partner and employee advocacy into high-quality leads by integrating referrals into the marketing and sales processes. Companies like ADP, Citrix and ADT trust Amplifinity to enable high-quality acquisition while providing an engaging experience for their advocates.

With Amplifinity you’ll get:

  • Consistent generation of high-quality leads

  • Improved sales follow through and productivity

  • Conversion rates for lead to purchase of 10-40%

The world is your sales team with Amplifinity.

  • ENTERPRISE EXPERTISE: The top enterprise B2B and B2C referral programs are powered by Amplifinity.

  • UNPARALLELED SUPPORT: You’ll get dedicated account managers focused on your success, both in terms of technical support and referral program optimization.

  • HIGH QUALITY DEMAND GEN: Amplifinity creates an “always on” channel for high quality referral leads.  

Enterprises are using Amplifinity as a disruptive channel for growth:

  • A large SaaS provider averages 46,667 referrals/year from partners and customers with 25% making a purchase.

  • A large digital media provider sees 35,000 referrals from employees with 14% purchasing and staying.

  • A bank drastically cut marketing costs by generating referrals with a 36% customer acquisition rate.

  • A security provider consistently gets 1,000 referrals/month with 10% becoming new customers.