Alyce for Marketo

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Alyce for Marketo empowers marketers to make better marketing decisions and run more effective campaigns via personal gifting.


Alyce for Marketo gives customers full access to all Alyce gifting activities within Marketo, so you get improved visibility and control of all Alyce data: 

  • Measure the impact of Alyce more effectively within the reporting and attribution structure you currently leverage in Marketo.  
  • Use Alyce event activities in Marketo to better coordinate all marketing activities including nurture streams, drip campaigns, reminder emails, ad campaigns, and other automated processes, so that you can deliver more buyer-centric personal experiences to prospects. 
  • Leverage Alyce activities in Marketo Sales Insights, Interesting Moments, and Lead Scoring so you can quantify and communicate the value of Alyce interactions to your sales team more transparently.


Measure & Track Personal Gifting

All Alyce gifting activities are available in Marketo so you can track and attribute the influence of personal gifting.

Coordinate Key Marketing Activities

Use Alyce data in Marketo to coordinate all marketing activities so you can create more personal buyer-centric experiences for prospects and customers

Alyce Activities as Sales Insights

Enable your sales team with the information they need on key Alyce activities by creating Interesting Moments in Marketo Sales Insights.

Max Limit (6 Features)


When installing Alyce for Marketo, the following Alyce events can be made available as custom activities in Marketo:  

  • Gift Invitation Created 
  • Gift Invitation in Fulfillment 
  • Gift Invitation Sent - Physical Invitations
  • Gift Invitation Sent - Email InvitationsGift Invitation 
  • Delivered Gift Invitation 
  • Viewed Gift Invitation 
  • Accepted Gift Invitation 
  • Declined Gift Invitation 
  • Expired

Each of these activities can be used as Triggers in Smart Campaigns, to create Interesting Moments, or to influence Lead Scoring.

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