Digital Customer Engagement Platform

By Altocloud

Predictive communications platform to analyze customer & business data, and realtime behaviors for predicting the best digital engagement.


Altocloud is a Digital Customer Engagement platform that combines predictive analytics with voice, video, and messaging interactions to deliver a seamless customer experience and better outcomes for business.

Altocloud helps convert shoppers into buyers for eCommerce, connect web and mobile visitors with Inside Sales people in real-time, and streamline Customer Support experiences.  Altocloud helps businesses efficiently grow revenue, saving time and money while making customers happy.

The company based in Mountain View, California and Galway, Ireland.  The company is led by CEO Barry O'Sullivan, formerly a senior executive at Cisco where he led the multi-billion dollar Unified Communications business, including VoIP, Contact Center and WebEx.

Recently named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Altocloud works with Marketo's platform by utilizing important visitor metadata such as Lead Score, Social Media handle, Number of Followers, and Firmographic data to empower sales and support personnel to engage web and mobile visitors at the perfect moment. Further, Altocloud’s integration with Marketo smartly enables representatives to understand customer journeys by incorporating web and mobile context.  

Altocloud’s partnership with Marketo enables Altocloud to combine data such as digital behavior with call duration, call dispositions, and agent expertise for analyzing. Altocloud then uses analyzed results to predict and recommend the best digital engagement for a specific customer, meeting their needs and achieving business outcomes - and very often accelerating the sales cycle.


How to setup the integration with Marketo

Before Altocloud can start using Marketo’s APIs, a Marketo administrator needs to create a Custom Service and associate that service with a single API-only user. Once a Custom Service is created, the following steps are required to enable the Marketo integration:

  1. Log on into Altocloud’s Admin Desktop, and go to Management > Integrations.
  2. Click on Marketo, and then fill in the settings of your Marketo instance

From now on, when a lead visits your website, Altocloud will be able to retrieve all relevant information about each contact, updated in real-time every time there’s an important change such as increasing their lead score.


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