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Allocadia - Budgeting, Planning & Performance

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Manage your budgets & plans in the cloud, while getting a better understanding of your marketing performance.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Spreadsheet-free budgeting
  • Smarter strategic planning
  • Analytics to measure your ROI


Bring your marketing budgets into the cloud. Marketing teams of any size can collaborate to create and manage global budgets in any currency without cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheets. Take the pain out of daily marketing spend management.


Allocadia makes your organization’s marketing planning process more efficient and more strategic. Create, collaborate and share marketing plans that align with your company’s priorities. Forecast the ROI on your marketing plans and predict the revenue they'll generate.

Marketing Performance Management

Allocadia gives marketers better visibility into their marketing performance. We integrate with Marketo, Salesforce (and other CRM systems), and finance systems to give you quick and accurate insights into any part of your marketing mix - online or offline.

Marketo Integration

Allocadia's Marketo integration lets you easily associate your marketing spend with specific Marketo programs.

Within Allocadia's Details Panel, you'll find an automatically populated list of all your Marketo programs. Tag any line item by simply selecting the relevant Marketo program from the drop-down list.

As you do, the integration will also automatically populate the Program Cost field in Marketo with the dollar value, and keep it updated as things change.

With this integration, your Marketo reports will reflect the accurate, up-to-date costs of each program.