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By Akkroo

Akkroo, built for exhibitors. Connect events with your marketing stack: turn conversations into qualified leads and accelerated revenue.


Akkroo, built for exhibitors. Connect events with your marketing stack: turn conversations into qualified leads and accelerated revenue.  

We’re at the forefront of event lead capture, replacing outdated, manual methods: business cards, paper forms and rented scanners. 

Use Akkroo at all of your events to capture higher quality leads on the show floor, by collecting accurate contact details plus important contextual information. Event Qualified Leads go straight into Marketo, ready for timely, relevant follow-up, and enabling a streamlined post-event process.  Akkroo is changing the game. It’s time for exhibitors to take the lead.

Key benefits of Akkroo

  • Fully customisable forms to collect exactly what you need to meet objectives
  • Business card and badge scanning to gather the information you need, quickly
  • Automatic followup emails to engage with your prospects immediately
  • In-app PDF presentation and sending to enrich your followup
  • Seamless integration with Marketo to drive your business and marketing
  • App collects information online or offline meaning no opportunities lost - + many more features

Marketers use Akkroo to:

  • Plan events in advance and create forms to collect quality information
  • Put lead data to work straight away in Marketo
  • no transcribing, no deciphering handwriting
  • Easily visualise data collected at events and make informed decisions


Cloud Based Event Management

Our cloud-based dashboard is flexible, powerful and easy-to-use. Create and manage lead capture forms, direct your team and control your data.

Custom Branded Lead Capture Forms

Build and customise beautiful, branded lead capture forms with our intuitive form builder. From quick and simple to complex logic-driven forms.

Coordinate Devices & Team Activity

You control who has access to events, forms, team management and all other features through the centralised Akkroo dashboard.

Collect Leads Offline

No Wi-Fi? No problem. Akkroo lets you input and access data even when you’re offline.

Scan Business Cards

Collect leads faster using our business card scanner feature any time of day or night and get results back in a matter of hours.

Quickly Scan Attendee Badges

Collect lead information direct from visitor badges through our integration with popular exhibition owned lead retrieval systems.

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Akkroo has an integration directly with Marketo which means you can instantly move the details of people you collect in Akkroo Event Lead Capture forms into new Marketo Leads.

You can share any text-based or selection data from the Akkroo forms you create.

Our integration with Marketo can save many hours of manual movement of data and ensure you can quickly take action with the leads you collect at events. 

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Akkroo has allowed us to drastically improve the quality of leads we collect at events and has enabled our sales team and others to just have better quality conversations with potential customers.
Rachael Moore - International Events Manager, Instructure