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AddShoppers Social Commerce Platform

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The leading social marketing apps for eCommerce help online retailers increase revenue from social sharing. Plus social analytics, including ROI.
Main Features
  • #SocialROI
  • Social Rewards
  • Social Login
  • Sharing Buttons

AddShoppers: Powerful social commerce platform.

AddShoppers helps online retailers such as Everlast, Rand McNally, O’Neill Clothing, CityPASS and Tervis understand and increase their social revenue with simple onsite plugins. Our apps help you:

  • Drive more social revenue
  • Measure your social ROI
  • Identify your top influencers
  • Increase engagement with cool social apps
  • Increase sharing and conversions

"The final ROI on the "10% off" social rewards campaign with AddShoppers was 1,535.3%. Brought in $1,400, only gave away $20 in coupons. I'm a really big fan!"
- Christopher Haamze, Digital Strategist, O'Neill Clothing


Here's a breakdown of our platform, app by app:

Social Analytics: Track sharing on your site and identify top influencers

ROI Tracking: See which networks drive sales, which influencers are driving revenue, and how much a share is worth to your business.

Smart Sharing Buttons: Add smart, eCommerce-specific sharing buttons to your site.

Social Rewards: Double your sharing and decrease shopping cart abandonment by rewarding sharing with a coupon or other incentive.

Purchase Sharing: Allow your customers to share their purchases (combine with Social Rewards to drive repeat purchases and exposure at the same time!).

Discovery Wall: Help your visitors find new and popular products.

Social Shopper Login: Improve conversions and registrations by reducing the irritating registration process to a couple of clicks.

Social Retargeting: Win back customers that abandon your site with smarter retargeting using your social data.

Facebook RetargetingWin back customers that abandon your site for Facebook. Your campaign uses your social data for smarter targeting.

What about pricing? We offer a plan for everyone (including our free, community edition!). Pro accounts are $17/month per 5,000 monthly unique visitors to your site.

Installation is a simply, copy/paste process that usually takes a couple minutes. Pro accounts come with free installation.

Get started or learn more at www.addshoppers.com.