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Adam Software  |  Applications
ADAM Software helps its customers create engaging brand experiences for their customers.
Main Features
  • Asset management
  • Product content management
  • Workflow
  • Collaboration capabilities

Asset management

Our Asset management offering allows users to manage and manipulate all types of assets, meaning:

· Assets are internationalizable & localizable and ready for use in multiple languages & regions

· Handling of enterprise workloads & sizing of content

· Full auditing & versioning capabilities

· Support of any file type

· Flexible and extensible metadata model

· Extensibility of product through open API layer

We also provide for the complex security structures that exist on an enterprise level, e.g. we provide the right access to tooling for different user groups, such as retailers who are provided access to assets that they specifically may use and work with through a retailer portal view.

Product Content Management

Our product functionality unifies product & marketing content and processes to help B2B providers & B2C brands deliver consistent structured content through multiple touch-points. We make it possible for product managers & marketers to be able to manage & enrich product entities, drive asset-based workflows and make the fully enriched product available for consumption. Our integrations with Adobe Creative Suite allow product managers to easily drive workflows to create deliverables such as product catalogues as a result of their collaboration.


Workflow helps internal & external team members communicate, collaborate, and approve rich media assets more efficiently while reducing cost. Users are able to create their own workflow processes that mimic business & organization structure by dragging & dropping a combination of out-of-the-box and purpose-created workflow building blocks. Workflows can be applied across teams, over one or many assets and to any process connected to the system, e.g. on upload or on creation. Business users can maintain control and oversight of running processes across internal & external resources through real-time dashboards.


Collaboration provides an extensive, easy-to-use cross-media annotation, proofing & approval studio tool for use with all rich-media file types, including text, images, audio & video. Collaboration tasks fall within the business workflow processes and allows for full interaction and functionality across asset management & product content management tasks, assuring security and auditing are applied at all stages of the collaboration process.