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Digital Experience Management

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Acquia provides a unified platform for Content, Community, and Commerce
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Digital campaign microsites
  • Native content + community
  • Drupal-tuned cloud platform
  • Content delivery and re-use

The Acquia Platform helps organizations transform to meet the ever changing needs of the digital world. Unify your business and technical teams together around one platform that helps you build amazing digital experiences faster.

For Marketers & Merchandisers
Acquia puts you in control of delivering personalized experiences and driving conversions.

For Developers & Technical Leaders
Acquia helps developers build complex applications faster, and gives technical leaders the security, reliability, and scalability they need.

For Brand & Content Managers
Acquia helps you deliver unified brand, social, and commerce experiences across devices and geographies.

Marketo Integration

Drupal can be integrated with Marketo in several ways.  The simplest is to add the Munchkin javascript through the Drupal theme or add the Marketo Munchkin module available on

Marketo could also be integrated with contact form submissions again using standard javascript.

The most interesting capability is to integrate Drupal user profiles with Marketo user profiles. This is custom development by using Drupal user data being directly mapped to the Marketo APIs.