Accent Sales Content Management

By Accent Technologies, Inc.

Centralize all sales content, collateral and tools into one simple platform for quick rep access, and powerful analytics around usage and performance.


Give reps easy access to marketing-approved content from anywhere—mobile, CRM, Web, Outlook, PowerPoint and desktop.

  • Centralize all sales resources, content, tools, data, buyer insights and more all in one mobile-friendly platform for quick access anywhere 
  • Quickly assemble personalized presentations and collateral to have greater impact with buyers 
  • Map marketing materials to buyer personas, verticals, company size and more and make real-time content recommendations for reps to use

Accent also gives marketing complete visibility into what content is used—including content sent as email attachments. And see how specific types ofcontent are used and with which buyer personas. 

More importantly, marketing gets visibility into what content is generating buyer responses that move deals forward. You can only do this if you have the sales activity and buyer response data and the AI to produce the insights.That’s where our analytics engine really shines. See exactly how content impacts each sale sengagement and then view roll ups to understand which content is performing and to what degree. 

And, all of this activity data and insight drive automated content recommendations that deliver theright content to sales reps based on the situation.


Personalize content for buyers

Build and send tailored materials quickly and easily to connect with buyers and move deals forward

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We use Accent as our sales enablement platform. It is extensive in nature from news delivery, collateral management, forum & community needs, ability to manage use, and effectiveness of collateral.
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