Accelerate – Powerful AI for Sales and Content Performance

By Accent Technologies, Inc.

Centralize all sales content, collateral and tools into one simple platform for quick rep access, and powerful analytics around usage and performance.


Marketing and sales teams need to work together to prosper in today's B2B selling environment.It takes the right technology and automation to win.  Accent Accelerate is taking sales enablement to the next level. Accelerate gives your teams the technology platform to work together, focus on opportunities, build trust with buying teams and win more deals. Accent’s Accelerate acts like a smart assistant. It brings unprecedented visibility into sales situations and suggests where to prioritize and what to do next. It guides reps to be better reps and helps managers to be better managers. In short, it pushes productivity to the next level.


Complete Activity Tracking

Sales activities such as calls, meetings and emails are automatically recorded eliminating manual effort and data validity concerns.

Opportunity Visualizations

Generates powerful visuals to help you assess situations and develop meaningful strategies.

Dynamic Sales Plays

Creates actionable insights to determine next steps and provides alerts to help you follow up at the right time with the right information.

Content Management

Centralize all sales resources to streamline production and provide easy access to needed materials on any device.

Seamless Integrations

Built for integration with a diverse range of systems, giving reps a unified selling experience.

Max Limit (6 Features)


For content repositories we integrate with:

SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive

For content sent out of the platform we can write activities back to:

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

For the CRM Supercharger component we integrate with:

Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange 

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We use Accent as our sales enablement platform. It is extensive in nature from news delivery, collateral management, forum & community needs, ability to manage use, and effectiveness of collateral.
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