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Marketing Automation Consulting

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Marketing automation consulting: utilising left-brain technology in combination with right-brain creativity.
Main Features
  • Marketo Consulting
  • Marketo Training
  • Demand Generation
  • Building Brand Equity

As Marketo's New Zealand implementation partner, the people at Aamplify delight in utilising left-brain technology in combination with right-brain creativity to help clients build brand equity. Our passion is to help you to create magnetic demand for your products and services. If you want to tap into seasoned capability and fresh thinking that is focused on delivering tangible marketing results, talk with us.

Marketing Automation

Efficiency is now driving creative marketing endeavour. With so many ways to touch prospects, how do you know which ones are actually working? Every aspect of business is being transformed - by the cloud and smart devices - reshaping interaction with content. This is redrawing what marketers need to do, to justify decisions on content development and media spend. Figuring out what to measure, and how, is the new challenge for marketers. We help businesses streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

Demand Generation

Beyond lead generation, demand generation is about multi-touch and multi-media, as well as being always on: connecting with prospects as they become aware, then consider your product, and make a purchase decision. The new normal is to connect one-to-one with your audience in a dialogue, all taking place in the open and at a rapid pace. This change means the knowledge, the tactics and the technology you need to create demand have changed.

Building Brand Equity

Sustainable sales growth comes by taking the long view. This view means understanding what you stand for and why buyers purchase from you - this is your brand. Your brand experience is your competitive advantage; it creates differentiation and acts as a barrier to competitors. Beyond a logo and visual identity, your brand is a way to generate sales and drive your organisation's valuation.