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By 6sense

6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales. We identify new prospects and predict sales at every stage of the funnel.


6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales. Using its private network of billions of time-sensitive intent interactions, 6sense uncovers net-new prospects at every stage of the funnel and determines which existing prospects are in market to buy. 6sense predicts what products prospects will buy, how much they will buy, and when. 

We do the math, and you close the deals.

6sense predicts who your customers will be — at every stage of the sales cycle — and then tells you how to reach them. We bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams by providing a data-driven layer of intelligence that adds predictive value to your CRM and marketing automation systems.

If they’re highly likely to buy, you should know.

A company’s interests and intent to purchase changes from quarter to quarter. By tapping into prospects’ activities on the “B2B web,” 6sense’s predictive intelligence engine identifies the buying stage of each prospect, the products of interest, and the members of the buying committee.

Account-based approach ties together your unknown and known prospects.

B2Bs sell to companies, not individuals. That’s why we link known contacts and unknown visitors to identify highest scoring prospects within those companies, which determines an account’s overall propensity to buy.

Add net-new sales leads to your pipeline.

6sense surfaces net-new leads with intent to buy, and tells you when and how to reach them. Our insights let you close faster. Focus on the customers who are ready to buy now, and target your outreach by knowing where prospects are in the sales cycle, what products are of interest, and the value of the potential purchase.

Predictive intelligence that is transparent and actionable.

We’re transparent about the indicators that lead to a high-value prospect, giving you information that will help you target your spend and personalize your campaigns. Serve ads that are relevant at every stage of the buying cycle, or increase conversions on your website by targeting specific content to prioritized prospects.


Easy to set-up and simple to use.

Results seamlessly integrate into all downstream sales and marketing systems such as Marketo, CRM, ad networks, and content management systems. 



The 6sense predictive intelligence engine seamlessly integrates with Marketo to prioritize existing and uncover new accounts and contacts in your sales and marketing systems. The 6sense integration can be completed in just a few steps:

1. Provide your API credentials to Marketo and CRM applications, which allows for the initial load into the core platform.

2. The modeling phase takes the millions of signals from your company’s behavioral data; Marketo contacts and activities; CRM lead and account attributes and social data to build statistically significant lead profile for scoring.

3. As data is continuously ingested into the 6sense platform, the 6sense rules engine auto triggers scores for new and existing leads based on your custom business rules. These scores are sent effortlessly to Marketo via API allowing your marketers to take the appropriate action.

Once integration is complete, 6sense scores will provide Marketo users with valuable infor- mation about each lead: where the account is in the purchase cycle; the products they are interested in; and the likelihood and timeframe to purchase. 6sense will continue to run continuously, constantly updating scores as new activity occurs or new contact or account data is introduced. Marketers can adjust activities based the 6sense scores to either increase awareness building activities, nurture further, or push leads to the sales team. Highly scored leads can be passed to sales immediately. 


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