3Play Media: Video Captioning & Transcription

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3Play Media captioning and transcription makes your videos searchable, SEO-friendly, accessible, and more engaging in any language.
Main Features
  • Captioning & Subtitling
  • Interactive Transcripts
  • Video Platform Integrations
  • Video SEO & Search

About 3Play Media

3Play Media provides premium captioning and transcription services at near-perfect accuracy and very competitive prices to more than 1,000 customers in enterprise, education, and government.

3Play Media also provides interactive transcripts that enable users to search video down to the spoken word. Users can also clip sections of video simply by highlighting the text. These capabilities are compatible with our premium translation services and can all be accessed through flexible APIs, a secure online account system, and third party systems that have integrated with 3Play Media.

Captions Boost Video SEO

Many people assume that the sole purpose of captions is accessibility; however captions and transcripts provide numerous other benefits. For marketers, the greatest advantage is that captions significantly boost your video SEO. Because Google can't watch a video, the only information it can crawl is the text associated with your video. Without transcripts and captions, your video's SEO and keyword depth are minimal.

Recent studies conducted by 3Play Media with Discovery Digital Networks, SafeNet, and This American Life have proven that adding closed captions and transcripts to videos increases search traffic, views, search rank, and user engagement. Discovery Digital Networks even found that the largest increase in views (13.48%) occurred in the first 2 weeks of adding captions, which demonstrates the immediate impact of captions on video SEO.