The Truth In Predictive B2B Intent Data

By 180byTwo

eCHO™ Predictive B2B Intent Data Powering Actionable Insights for Marketo Users.


180byTwo’s native integration with Marketo enables marketers to enrich contacts and accounts through enabling predictive B2B marketing workflows, Smart Campaigns, and lead management processes. 

 eCHO B2B intent data can be used within Marketo to improve customer insights, enabling better segmentation across customer, prospect and lapsed accounts. When using eCHO marketers are able to more effectively engage their accounts with personalized content, messaging, and offers through the right channel at the right time.  

 eCHO’s Cloud-Based DAAS utilizes predictive AI and ML processing billions of streaming signals, using advanced natural language processing, pattern recognition; allowing marketers to seamlessly identify accounts at the decision-making unit level, at the right time and location, when the likelihood to close is the highest, with a shorter sales cycle. 

180byTwo's solution leverages data such as billions of streaming web signals, raw location and proximity signals from SDK's/Beacons/WiFi networks, IP intelligence, technographics, firmographics, titles, functions, and past purchase data to create predictive insights. eCHO continually learns and enriches company location records with intent topics, categories, and scores.

Customers including HP, Oracle, SolarWinds, LogMeIn, Dell, IBM, and Intel are already using 180byTwo’s DAAS solutions to transform their marketing and sales initiatives with great results ultimately driving more ROI.

About 180byTwo

180byTwo is an industry leader in global audience solutions: leveraging multi-sourced offline, online, mobile, location, signal, proximity and various other data points across industry verticals designed to help marketers and platforms more efficiently and effectively target businesses, consumers and professionals across channels and devices wherever they are.


eCHO for Marketo integrates easily and directly to the Marketo platform in less than an hour using REST API’s. Marketers subscribing to eCHO will have access to predictive insights on the products and services their customers are most interested in when it matters most. 

Through the integration,180byTwo automatically associates your CRM data with predictive insights by topic, category, and score at the site level. Newly added or modified CRM records are matched daily, and all previously matched CRM data is refreshed weekly with eCHO predictive insights.

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