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123FormBuilder: Forms & Surveys for Marketo

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123FormBuilder user-friendly platform has helped 600,000+ businesses worldwide to collect & analyze data while keeping close to customers.
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Main Features
  • Create optimized forms&surveys
  • Engage users dynamically
  • Analyze data with pro reports
  • Get instant support

123FormBuilder combines the intuitive way of creating forms & surveys that users enjoy to fill in with the precision of rich data insights, in order to help marketers turn more traffic into leads.


Using the flexible tools of 123FormBuilder, businesses can create and administer forms for any task or campaign: landing page forms, in-depth surveys, event registration forms, webinar bookings, newsletter opt-ins or opt-outs, contact forms, email marketing forms and many more. From small businesses to major brands, forms and surveys created with us can meet any marketer’s needs.


Carry quantitative and qualitative research with the professional survey making features provided by 123FormBuilder. You can incorporate both open-end and close-end questions that interact with users on multiple levels. Use questions routing upon conditional logic to make sure your surveys adapt dynamically to visitor input. You can set custom email autoresponders that keep leads engaged even after they submit the survey.


Creating a user-friendly form or survey for your campaigns is a matter of minutes with 123FormBuilder. A gallery of 100+ form templates is at hand, with dozens of designs that you can brand. You can even start from scratch and build your own custom form from top to bottom, with fields at your choice and adaptative graphics. Your Marketo forms will blend the look and feel of your brand perfectly.


As your forms and surveys get filled in, 123FormBuilder helps you stay in control of your data at all times. You can export entries to CSV (Excel format) or PDF. Moreover, you can incorporate data directly into your marketing ecosystem through the seamless integration with your favorite platforms, starting with Marketo. Get insights over form performance through the integration with Google Analytics and draw custom statistical reports over responses in the shape of graphical charts.


With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, 123FormBuilder is trusted by 600,000+ businesses in 180 countries, throughout all major industry verticals.


Qualified direct support assists users whenever needed. Our live chat average response time is less than one minute, and email support is available during out-of-office hours.

Marketo Integration

Sync lead data directly from a 123FormBuilder web form or survey to Marketo lists with the 123FormBuilder - Marketo integration. User contact information syncs from your form entries to Marketo automatically in real time, so that you don’t have to perform any additional actions on your side other than setting up the integration firsthand.


The integration works by mapping 123ContactForm fields with Marketo predefined and custom fields. An extra security layer guards the process against problems that might occur during submission, such as a bad network connection on the submitter’s side that would prevent the lead to be created in Marketo.


Using the 123FormBuilder integration with Marketo tasks like growing your subscribers base and administering leads become as easy as 1-2-3.


Synch 123FormBuilder with Marketo and watch your leads flow to the success of your campaigns!