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uStudio for Marketo

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uStudio drives higher marketing conversions with video. Track video views and engagement inside Marketo.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Track video viewers
  • Create video events
  • Capture leads from players
  • Measure video ROI

uStudio offers an innovative video platform designed to help marketers easily manage, publish, create interactive viewing experiences, and track user engagement.  With uStudio for Marketo, video statistics are easily integrated so you can:


Identify Viewers and Track Video Statistics

See which videos your leads and contacts view, including both anonymous and names users.  uStudio goes beyond other video platforms and players by allowing events to be triggered inside a video player or on stand-alone pages including social networks like Twitter.   

Engage New Leads

Capture new leads by integrating standard and customized lead forms within a video player. You can also optimize your content further with call-to-actions. With the flexibility to set custom rules, you can track metrics that matter most to you in your campaigns.


Manage Video Lifecycle and Provide ROI

uStudio is the only video platform you’ll ever need. We give you the power to manage all your video assets and publish your video to any 3rd party site such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and more. With integrations to both Marketo and Salesforce, you can also use video analytics and lead information, linked to your contacts, to determine ROI and engagement from first touch to final sale.


With uStudio, wrestling with video files is no longer the most challenging part of your digital marketing mix! Video is managed easily and seamlessly so that you can focus on campaigns and messages that convert. Now video can become the strategic digital asset in Marketo you need it to be, designed to drive action and results. uStudio. Do more With Video™.


Marketo Integration

uStudio for Marketo offers next-generation interactive players for marketers. Digital marketers and web developers can design and deploy players with all the interactivity of a web page, while business users benefit from drag-'n-drop ease-of-use.


Integrate with Marketo in 5 straightforward steps:

  1. Design interactive players as unique as your brands & campaigns
  2. Install the Marketo plug-in
  3. Drag-'n-drop your videos to ingest them into uStudio
  4. Drag-'n-drop your videos to publish them to your Marketo players
  5. Sit back and watch as playback interactions get logged in Marketo - letting you track, report, and segment leads with your own unique video analytics

You already own the campaigns and the content strategy. Now - with uStudio for Marketo - own the video playback experience & video ROI, too. Do more with video (™).

Additional details available upon request.