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Uberflip for Marketo

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Uberflip makes content perform by giving marketers the metrics they need to provide a tailored content experience that coverts leads into customers.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Sync CTA forms to Marketo
  • Track content engagement
  • Trigger campaigns via Uberflip
  • Higher quality lead scoring

Uberflip helps marketers bring all of their content together, creating the most compelling experience for their audience – without the need for IT! Centralize and organize your content into a single, beautiful and responsive Hub, making it cross-discoverable, highly targeted and impactful. Create custom content streams for specific audiences or about specific topics, and attach strong CTAs that drive leads. With Uberflip, you can: Boost ROI by identifying high converting content. Increase engagement by providing tailored content marketing channels for your audience. Strategically place customized and highly targeted CTAs throughout your content to convert more customers.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how customers, like Monetate, are using Uberflip and Marketo to create a content experience that is optimized for lead generation.

Marketo Integration

Uberflip’s Marketo integration allows you unlock the full potential of your content marketing. Syncing your Uberflip Hub with your Marketo account to generate highly qualified leads and create campaigns with a better understanding your audience and how they consume your content. Here’s how it works:

Connect an Uberflip Call-To-Action (CTA) to a Marketo landing page or sync a CTA to a Marketo email list to provide a seamless experience for the end user while ensuring quick response for all potential leads. Once connected, you can:

Set Up A Subscriber List

Create a list to capture subscribers directly from your Hub. From this point, you can trigger ongoing campaigns to distribute your content and layer in additional segmentation to send better targeted emails.

Create a CTA to Download an eBook or Whitepaper

Make your content accessible for download by using Uberflip Hubs CTAs. There are three ways you can make your content accessible:

1) Form CTA + Email Follow Up

Use a form CTA as a direct call-to-action to download a whitepaper and sync it with the Marketo list associated to that piece of content. When someone fills out the form, send a follow up email that allows them to download the book immediately.

2) Link CTA + Landing Page

Create a link CTA that directs people to a Marketo landing page that has been created for this content. This is quick, easy and effective, giving you the opportunity to display a “Thank You” page after the user submits their information to download your content.

3) Success CTA (All In One Step!)

Use an Uberflip “Success” CTA, to display the link to download as soon as the form is filled out within your content Hub.

Trigger a Lead Nurturing Campaign

Once you’ve captured the contact information you need via a form CTA, trigger an email campaign specifically geared toward lead nurturing. You can even trigger different campaigns based on which CTA was filled out to ensure you’re sending a relevant offer.

Improve Lead Scoring & Audience Segmentation

The Uberflip / Marketo integration provides you with insights into how people are consuming your content, what they find most compelling, and what type of content converts best allowing you to refine lead scoring. This means sending more qualified leads to your sales team and making better decisions about your content marketing strategy.

Visit uberflip.com/marketo to learn more or request a demo.