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TrackMaven is the Competitive Intelligence Platform for Enterprise Marketers allowing brands and agencies to track, benchmark, and improve.
Main Features
  • Custom Marketing Alerts
  • Universal Competitor Feed
  • Custom Marketing Benchmarks
  • Simple Setup

How can you track your entire competitive landscape?

Just give us the name of all of your competitors and we’ll do the rest of the digging for you to get started in tracking your entire competitive landscape. Our universal feed, marketing alerts and custom benchmarks shows all of your competitors’ SEO, Traffic, Display ads, Text ads, Earned Media, Content Marketing and Social Media into one platform to identify what’s working in your marketing in real-time.

What is going on with your competitors in real-time?

TrackMaven makes it extremely easy for you to track all of your competitor’s actions now. With the marketing alerts component, you can create alerts on exactly what you care about. Only want to know when a competitor is mentioned in the news once a week? Or would you like to be alerted when they have a spike in monthly uniques? What about when their followers or fans change? With TrackMaven, you’ll be able to pick a marketing activity, frequency when the alert comes to you, and filter to start getting actionable alerts straight into your inbox.

Compare yourself to how you stack up against your competitors

Where are you winning? Where are you losing? How is your marketing stacking up vs. your competitors’? With the custom benchmarks that TrackMaven creates, you’ll be able to see what channels are working best with your audiences and where to best allocate your marketing budget.

What are the ways you can beat your competitors?

As a marketer, you can sometimes be overloaded with channels to monitor and keep track of, then when you add competitors your channels double, triple or even quadruple. Cutting through the noise and easing the load, TrackMaven is the Competitive Intelligence Platform for Enterprise Marketers that benchmarks, tracks and improves your marketing in real-time.