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ToutApp allows sales teams to email leads with personalized templates, track their engagement and auto-log sales activity to Marketo.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Email & presentation tracking
  • Shared email templates
  • Email to Marketo integration

With ToutApp’s Email Tracking, Templating and Analytics tools, dive beyond MQLs. Gain visibility into the sales process to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

Email tracking

  • Track when a lead opens, clicks or responds to sales email
  • See engagement from marketing generated presentations
  • Take follow up actions directly from your Inbox based on lead engagement: In one click, you can call, email or view CRM data

Smart templates

  • Create customizable templates by applying your winning emails to every sales scenario
  • A/B test your templates easily and see which hook works better for getting their attention
  • Send the right message at the right time with Recommended Templates based on opportunity stage and lead profile

Sales email automation

  • Don’t let anything fall through the cracks: Schedule emails in advance and set up follow-up task reminders
  • Nurture your prospects effectively an automated series of email chains to drive continuous engagement

Marketo Integration

  • Auto-log sales activities into Lead Profile
  • Track email and presentation engagement by lead
  • Improve the accuracy of your lead score with sales data

Marketo Integration

Marketo Integration

ToutApp helps strengthen Sales and Marketing alignment by linking marketing lead information with sales activities. With ToutApp, marketers can:

  • Sync sales activities to lead profiles
  • Get real time information on how sales is engaging with your leads
  • Track how leads are engaging with marketing content
  • Layer behavioral data powered by Tout’s sales data to enhance your lead scores
  • And ultimately, use sales powered insights to get smarter about lead generation and content strategy