Enablement, Training & Execution Services

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Providing enablement, integration, training, execution, and strategic consulting services to clients who need to prove marketing ROI.
Main Features
  • Enablement
  • Integration
  • Retained Services
  • Custom Training

Marketo Services for the Enterprise and SMB

It's important to get started on the right track when you implement Marketo - and to stay on the right track after you've started. The Pedowitz Group provides end-to-end Marketo services for enterprises, mid-sized companies, and fast-growth start-ups to ensure that you get ROI from your Marketo instance as quickly as possible and continue to grow as your company grows.

Using best practices gleaned from over 700 Marketo projects for customers in education, publishing, technology, financial services, and a host of other industries, we bring our experience to your specific use case and your business goals.

Our goal is your recognizable marketing-influenced revenue.

Marketo Consulting Services:

  • Healthcheck - How is your Marketo instance performing?
  • Lead Scoring Refresh - Improve your lead scoring model
  • Marketing Services - Outsourced marketing agency services
  • Marketo Reporting Kick Start - Get a head start on reporting at the tactical, managerial, and executive levels
  • Enablements
  • Integration Services - Including custom 3rd party applications
  • Strategic Services and Campaign Management
  • Training - beginner and advanced
  • Outsourced Administration