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The Mx Group combines business strategy, UI / UX design and core development capabilities to help drive revenue through market-facing technologies.
Main Features
  • Digital strategy & analysis
  • UI / UX design
  • Web & mobile app development
  • Analytics & optimization


It’s not about gathering requirements; it’s about clarifying vision. We help you identify digital opportunities and create technology-driven experiences that provide real value for your customers and your business.


Successful digital development requires a focus on delivering great user experiences. The Mx Group creates the aesthetics that articulate your brand and designs a strategic interface that minimizes friction for your users.


With experience building global sites in multiple CMS platforms, including WordPress, DotNetNuke, Ektron and Sitecore, we’ll ensure that you have the right solution to handle your content management workflow and scale your web presence.

Responsive design and “mobile-first” thinking are part of our core process, so your content will perform smoothly across every device. Plus, our front and back end development teams work seamlessly to manage the integration of third-party and custom applications.


The rise of mobile has created a new playing field on which to engage and provide value to your key audiences. We’ll help you identify the role that mobile can play in your business and develop successful mobile experiences. Our expertise in iOS and Android development — along with our deep understanding of mobile user interface and experience design — ensures that every app we create meets the highest performance standards.


Our developers and technical architects craft solutions that maximize efficiency and scalability, leveraging the latest generation of established, proven technologies, including ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, MongoDB, Entity Framework and Node.js. Following rigorous project management and communication standards, our fully U.S.-based team keeps every stakeholder fully informed throughout the life of the project. Our strategic Agile process optimizes development budgets and allows for real feedback from the marketplace.


We view all digital experiences through the lens of continuous improvement, integrating robust analytics and ongoing optimization into our process. From initial user testing and ongoing A / B tests to an Agile methodology that allows an application to efficiently pivot based on user behavior, we closely monitor and consistently optimize the performance of everything we build.