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Spiceworks - Say hello to 5 million IT pros

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Thousands of tech marketers get more bang for their marketing buck by reach millions of their potential IT buyers where they go to work - Spiceworks.
Main Features
  • Research your IT buyer.
  • Generate demand with content.
  • Go beyond leads. Win IT love.
  • Build real 1:1 relationships.

Spiceworks is the professional network more than 5 million IT pros and 3,000 tech brands use to connect with one another, learn about the latest products and services, and discuss everything IT. The company simplifies how IT professionals discover, buy and manage more than $575 billion in technology products and services each year.

With Spiceworks, tech marketers can research what IT pros think (and buy), generate demand for products IT pros want and connects with IT pros to build trust and real relationships beyond the brand. 

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