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Slemma Cloud BI

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Slemma is a powerful Cloud Business Intelligence software that helps modern businesses effortlessly leverage data into advantages.
Main Features
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Enterprise-level BI tool
  • Wide integration options
  • Teamwork and sharing

Slemma is a brand new browser-based data visualization tool. With the goal of having industrial-level Business Intelligence functionality packaged together with the Cloud Software experience, Slemma has been tediously crafted to have the most intuitive interface possible, one click collaboration, easy data connections, and access from anywhere.

With the world of data growing ever larger, even small companies are in need of business analytics software. Setting up such systems, however, can be very costly. Installing servers, getting the right specialists, etc. all add to the time and costs associated with an effective analytics process and small businesses often don’t have these resources to spare. Slemma has been designed to lower these barriers. There is no need for downloading software or purchasing and maintaining servers.

Slemma is designed primarily for non-technical users but has all necessary features for advanced analysts like calculation engine, SQL and MDX editors. Anyone team can slice and dice data, build charts and funnels, and explore cohorts.