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SalesPredict for Marketo

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Increase conversions. SalesPredict uses predictive analytics + your Marketo and CRM data to show you who is most likely to buy...or churn.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Target by conversion potential
  • Smarter segmentation
  • Model adapts dynamically
Beyond predictive lead scoring

SalesPredict for Marketo applies predictive analytics to your Marketo, CRM and external data sources and shows you who’s most likely to buy, who’s likely to buy more, and who will churn. Your leads are then scientifically scored and ranked so your inbound marketing and sales calls can be targeted and prioritized accordingly.

The insights that SalesPredict delivers can help you significantly improve your conversion rates and have more impactful interactions with prospects and clients throughout the customer lifecycle—uncover hidden hot prospects, know which leads are most likely close, provide sales the details needed to close them, and maximize revenue at every phase.

No data scientists or long consulting engagements needed

SalesPredict installs quickly with no configuration and within days, if not hours, you'll have valuable new insights into your lead and customer bases and accurate lead scores. SalesPredict provides continuous value by dynamically adapting to changing market conditions, so you always have the most up-to-date lead scoring based on your current situation.

Learn how SalesPredict has helped companies:

• Double their qualified lead pipeline
• Improve conversion rates 2x
• Accelerate sales cycles by 30%
• Reduce customer churn by up to 25%

Marketo Integration

SalesPredict for Marketo integrates data from Marketo into SalesPredict’s sophisticated predictive lead scoring algorithm so marketers can improve segmentation and target those prospects most likely to convert to sales, or churn.

Beyond Predictive lead scoring...Customer Lifecycle Intelligence

SalesPredict for Marketo is built on the full SalesPredict offering, which delivers predictive leads scores and buying signal insights based on behavioral, demographic, firmographic and sales data from a company’s CRM and outside data sources.

The algorithm behind SalesPredict for Marketo also brings in key Marketo data to deliver highly-refined predictive lead scores and insights that will help marketers target effectively and improve conversion rates throughout the customer lifecycle.

The integration process

SalesPredict integrates with Marketo via a dedicated user that has limited access to your data. It uses the secure REST API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate with your marketing data. See details in the SalesPredict for Marketo Setup Guide.