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Create, Embed, and Share Your Own Quizzes

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Qzzr makes it easy for every person on your team to become a master quiz maker.
Main Features
  • Create and embed a quiz
  • Share it with the world
  • Collect leads and present CTAs
  • Looks stunning on any device

Create quizzes quickly
Qzzr makes it easy to customize your quiz, change your background and add text and images. You could have your first quiz on your site today.

Convert your visitors
Drop in a lead gen form and invite visitors to take the next step in their relationship with you. Oh, and you won’t just have their email address -- you’ll how they responded to the questions in the quiz.

Make the cash register ring
Qzzr makes it easy for you to generate ultra-qualified leads and presented targeted offers. Think of a survey, except one that people want to take, and give honest answers to. And share with all of their friends.

Export leads to your other tools
Once you’ve captured a bevy of new leads, you can export them to your email marketing, marketing automation or CRM tool of choice to follow up on this new business.