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Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics

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Get the right content into the hands of your reps at the right time to help them advance deals forward while proving marketing's impact on revenue.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Serve-up deal-specific content
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Track content effectiveness
  • Drive brand consistency

The typical battle between Sales and Marketing looks like this:

Sales complains Marketing is not generating enough quality leads or materials;

Marketing says Sales isn't working their leads hard enough or with the right tools.

Close the Loop Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing is more than just providing Sales with new leads; it's also about providing sellers with the proper messaging and tools needed to respond to buyer behaviors, demographics, and scenarios throughout the buying cycle-without having to rely on static sales scripts.

Qvidian Sales Playbooks serve-up your marketing content and tools to the seller in context of the deal they are working, delivering the right content to sales reps at the right time. Qvidian is tightly integrated with Salesforce.com providing Round Trip CRM integration, helping you connect Marketo data, CRM data, sales processes, and sales training in one easy-to-use solution.

Use Marketo Data to Customize Sales Playbooks

Marketo captures valuable demographic and activity information and serves-it up to sales people in Salesforce.com. Unfortunately, sales people rarely use this data to tailor their sales messages. Qvidian can take this data and use it to dynamically create Sales Playbooks that are customized for the Lead, Account, or Opportunity.

For example, let's say you capture a new Lead from a CIO in the healthcare industry that's interested in Product A. Marketo data will also show you that the CIO visited your website, downloaded a Whitepaper, and attended a webinar. Your Qvidian Sales Playbook will proactively serve-up content, messaging, and tools that are specific to that scenario, Product A, healthcare companies, and CIOs. For example, it might provide Part 2 of the Whitepaper, as well as a case study from the customer who presented the webinar. Qvidian Sales Playbooks ensure your sales reps are using the right content at the right time in the sales cycle.

Powerful Marketing and Sales Analytics

When your team uses Qvidian, you get unique insights for multiple stakeholders uncovering how people, processes, activities, and content impact the buying cycle. Preconfigured dashboards are integrated right into Salesforce.com, providing powerful analytics giving you the ability to make impactful decisions. You can use Qvidian to track content usage, and even see which content was used in winning deals.

Marketo Integration

Qvidian is integrated with Salesforce.com in a bi-directional, round trip CRM integration. Qvidian Sales Playbooks can trigger new content based off of the data that Marketo pushes back into Salesforce to populate CRM fields.