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Predictive Lead Scoring For Marketo

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Mintigo is a predictive marketing platform that helps you find buyers faster by using big data analytics and predictive modeling.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • CustomerDNA Discovery
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • Lead Record Enrichment
  • Targeted Ads on LinkedIn

Find Your Buyers Faster with Mintigo’s Predictive Lead Scoring & Predictive Marketing Platform

Using predictive analytics and big data from all over the web, we help you predictively score, target and engage the right prospects with the right campaigns at the right time. Mintigo works with marketers at companies like DocuSign, Autodesk and SmartBear to prioritize leads, identify cross-selling opportunities in their customer base, and target new markets to expand into.


Discover Your Ideal Prospect Profile

We create an ideal prospect profile by collecting and analyzing publicly available information from all over the web and your Marketo about your customers…your CustomerDNA(TM).


Target Prospects Most Likely To Buy Your Product

Mintigo uses real-time predictive scoring to identify the prospects most likely to buy your product within your Marketo or on the web so that you know the best prospects to target.


Engage The Right Prospects Through Marketo

With this information you can run campaigns to engage the right prospects with the right message through your Marketo, Salesforce CRM or even social ads such as LinkedIn.


Marketo Integration

Get Real-Time Predictive Lead Scoring & Data Enrichment For Your Leads Right In Marketo!

By integrating Mintigo with your Marketo instance, you can add a predictive score to each lead as well as enrich the lead record with additional custom data fields that Mintigo provides in real time.

First, Mintigo will analyze your data using predictive modeling and machine learning.  The result is you will discover your ideal customer profile - your CustomerDNA(TM).

Then, our Customer Success Team works with you to set up the web hook to integrate Mintigo with your Marketo instance, as well as gives you guidance on creating the custom fields that you can use to map to our marketing indicators, which are the additional data fields that Mintigo tracks about your customers from all over the web.

Once the web hook and custom fields are set up, our team works with you to build a smart campaign to trigger the web hook whenever a new lead is created or whenever a lead fills out a form.  We also recommend ways to do a one-time batch update to score and enrich all your leads that are already in your database.

After the web hook, custom fields, and smart campaign is set up, any leads that fill out a form will be scored right away.  This predictive score tells you how closely matched the lead is to your CustomerDNA(TM).

Mintigo also automatically provides any additional data that we uncover in the predictive modeling process that you would like to enrich your lead records with.

With this additional data that we provide along with the predictive score, you can do a number of different things, such as create smart lists and reporting off of this data and offer more relevant content.  

Watch this webinar to learn more about how customers, like SmartBear, are using Mintigo and Marketo to profile its ideal customer and target high-fit leads.