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OmniChannelBase is a multi-channel b2b data platform that integrates best-in-class data for use in lead generation and customer acquisition programs.
Main Features
  • B2B Data For Campaign Use
  • Multi-Channel Coverage
  • Top of Funnel Solutions
  • Deep and Accurate

OmniChannelBase business-to-business contact data is rocket fuel for your marketing campaigns!

As marketers invest more and more into marketing automation, one question rises to the top: "Now that I have this well-oiled machine, how do I feed it?" Deep, reliable, clean data fuel at the top of your program will lead to meaningful conversations and ultimately sales.

OmniChannelBASE is an innovative multi-national, multi-channel database from the leader in database marketing - MeritDirect. It brings together robust and responsive market-leading data from prestigious publishers, catalogers, online merchants and other leading direct marketers in one marketer-friendly database. The database, offers marketers an enormous reach covering all areas of business, while maintaining rich data selects that allow you to target your audience.

Broad Reach 

  • Multi-Channel: 55,000,000
  • Postal: 95,000,000
  • Email: 35,000,000
  • Phone: 62,000,000

Quality, Market-Leading Source Data 

  • Magazine subscriber files
  • Catalog buyers
  • Online buyers and many more...

Scalable to Meet Your Needs 

  • Broad-based and niche selections
  • Exact title and company matches
  • Industry, SIC or NAICs demo's
  • And much more!

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