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Pipeline Insight

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Pipeline Insight is an integrated marketing and sales data mining and reporting application for Salesforce.com.
Main Features
  • Campaign/tactic reporting
  • ROI reporting
  • Volume and Velocity Reporting
  • Process Usage and Leakage

Pipeline Insight is a data mining and reporting tool that works from the sales rep level up to the C-level. Giving you the detailed volume, velocity, process usage and behavioral data you need to improve your marketing investments and pipeline/revenue contribution. 

The application is unique, as it exposes the reasons behind your campaign/tactic successes and failures - as most of them lie at the individual level. The application delivers full volume, velocity, ROI (pipeline and revenue), leakage, usage, lead score validation, campaign/tactic forecasting and many other unique opportunity source or pipeline influenced key performance indicators. 

Pipeline Insight is a 100% native Force.com application built entirely on the Salesforce.com platform. It sits inside your Salesforce infrastructure and is hosted, managed and delivered by Salesforce.com. 

Pipeline Insight works with every major marketing automation system and is complimentary. We take the necessary conversion data from your marketing automation tool and report it inside of Salesforce.com. This way, all data comes from the same system and same version of the truth. Very handy when you are working with your sales leadership.

Benefits include:

  • Proving marketing’s value
  • Demonstrable ROI
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing cost of prospecting
  • Aligning sales and marketing
  • Putting trust back in marketing