Digital Marketing and Sales Lead Management

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MarketStar gives you more than just a name and a score. We create and staff a seamless, end-to-end methodology that progresses leads.
Main Features
  • Lead Nurturing & Qualification
  • Partner Nurturing
  • Marketo Consulting Services
  • Reporting & Analytics

Customer acquisition is not easy. It requires the right content to capture interest, the right technology to engage and nurture leads, and the right people to qualify and close opportunities. Most third-party providers can piece together a partial solution based on content marketing or marketing automation. But MarketStar offers a completely integrated solution in which we capture prospect demand using high-value content in online communities; nurture leads with targeted, timely communications; and deploy smart sales teams capable of qualifying and closing deals. 

MarketStar harnesses the power of Marketo to shorten the sales cycle, increase customer retention, and lower the cost per lead. We tailor messaging to unique audiences and deploy a sales team to ready to engage in more targeted, relevant, and meaningful conversations that drive revenue.

Generate Leads – Not Lists

MarketStar builds relationships with current and future buyers early in the decision-making process.

Nurture, Identify, and Engage Leads Ready to Buy

MarketStar aligns your sales and marketing efforts to identify leads, qualify opportunities, and deliver a robust sales pipeline.

Increase Sales. Period

Data is the new dial, and our socially-connected sales teams leverage data to get past gatekeepers and convert chatter into meaningful, relevant conversations with real decision makers. 

Increase Loyalty and Lifetime Customer Value

MarketStar improves your customer attrition rate, creating more opportunities to cross- and up-sell for lower costs and higher returns.