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Drive more quality leads blazingly fast with LinkedIn Lead Accelerator.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Nurture anonymous prospects
  • Engage contacts beyond email
  • Sequence ads across channels
  • Measure full funnel impact

To grow sales pipeline, B2B marketers strive to drive more of the right people into the marketing funnel, and nurture them until they’re ready to buy. But two primary factors make this no easy task: 95 percent of website visitors leave without providing an email address, and marketers are hungry for new strategies to engage their known contacts beyond email.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator allows you to deliver high-quality leads to your sales teams by engaging prospects anywhere online with relevant ads and content.

  1. Identify and target your highest-value audiences, both anonymous and known. 
  2. Sequence relevant messaging based on the profile and onsite behavior of your prospects across display and social ads, and LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. 
  3. Increase conversion rates with LinkedIn’s Autofill capability. 
  4. Optimize ad creative and nurture stream design through platform-supported A/B testing. 
  5. Measure program impact at every stage of the buy process through built-in reporting.

Marketo Integration

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator customers are able to nurture their anonymous website visitors across the web with display and social ads to generate leads. Marketers that use both Marketo and Lead Accelerator may use the Marketo integration to not only nurture their anonymous website visitors, but also nurture their known Marketo contacts across the web to accelerate them through the buy process.

How it works: 

The integration (connected through Marketo AdBridge) enables Marketo users to send their Lists or SmartLists from Marketo directly to Lead Accelerator with the push of a button. Once the (auto-encrypted) list of contacts has been pushed to LinkedIn, you can nurture these contacts across multiple channels through Lead Accelerator. Examples of contact lists that you might send include:

  • Pre-MQL contacts that you want to advance to MQLs
  • MQLs that you want to advance to SQLs or sales opportunities
  • Contacts currently in sales opportunities that you want to turn into new customers
  • Cold contacts that haven't engaged for several months
  • ...and more!

For more information on the setup process, read these articles on activating the Marketo / Lead Accelerator integration and sending a list from Marketo to Lead Accelerator.