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Leadspace B2B Predictive Analytics Platform

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Enrich leads in real time; find net new individuals and companies and score leads based on their intent and fit to your ideal customer profile.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Build a Best Customer Profile
  • Find Net New Leads
  • Score and Segment Leads
  • Enrich All Leads in Real-time

What if Every Lead Looked Like Your Best Customer?

That’s what Leadspace delivers. In real-time, and with unmatched accuracy. Leadspace uses predictive technology to search the open and social web, then receive instant, context-rich information on prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile, even ones found in your own database.

Build Your Ideal Customer Profile. Leadspace combines subjective input with predictive analytics to build your Ideal Customer Profile. 

Find New Prospects. With real-time speed and leading accuracy, Leadspace locates, analyzes, filters, cross-checks, and delivers enriched data on leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile.

Enrich and Score Leads in Real Time with Predictive Analytics. Using sophisticated predictive analytics, Leadspace scores and prioritizes your leads.

Easily Integrate with Marketo and your CRM. Leadspace integrates seamlessly with Marketo, Salesforce, and other marketing automation programs, and can also be used as a stand-alone platform.


Marketo Integration

Marketo is one of the most powerful marketing automation platforms in the world. Companies like Microsoft, Five9, Glassdoor, and RingCentral maximize their investment by combining Marketo with the Leadspace Predictive Analytics Platform for deeper targeting and more effective demand generation. 

  • Insight starts with an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
    Leadspace constructs an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), which takes into account your specific customer acquisition goals. Beyond firmographics, demographics, and behavioral insights, the Leadspace ICP encompasses the entire digital footprint of an individual and company from the open and social web. 
  • Enrich leads inside Marketo
    All inbound leads in Marketo can automatically be enriched across 40+ data fields with information leveraging the Leadspace Universal Model. Shape a relevant, personal experience in Marketo using attributes like current and past job functions, technologies used, and company expertise.  
  • Segment and target with the most accurate predictive scoring
    Boost your campaigns’ response with more targeted messages in Marketo driven by Leadspace predictive scoring, which measures how closely a company or individual matches an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Use the Leadspace predictive scoring as a complement to behavioral scores you already use in Marketo. 
  • Discover net-new leads for targeted campaigns and sales outreach
    Beyond your Marketo campaigns, Leadspace uses the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to find new leads that look like your best customers. Leadspace has live prospecting and targeting applications that find individuals or companies based on an ICP or other select criteria.