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Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring

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Identify hidden buying signals by blending profile and behavioral information from Marketo with thousands of additional account attributes.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Poll contact activity history
  • See predictive lead attributes
  • Write scores back to Marketo

What is Predictive Lead Scoring?

Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring blends a lead’s profile and behavioral information from Marketo with thousands of additional attributes that could contain hidden buying signals. Whether it’s the Web, internal data, or third party sources, Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring discovers patterns in the data that a human simply could not. 


Do you Value your Leads?

Lattice lead scores are unique in that they calculate an actual likelihood that a lead will be accepted by sales or closed as a won deal. Because the Lattice scores represent probabilities to convert, not only can you rank leads against one another, but also attach a real value to every lead in your database. 







Marketo Integration

Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring is designed to seamlessly integrate to Marketo to both poll contact activity and then write lead scores back to the database. Lead Scoring can be configured and set up in a few easy steps.

  1. Provide your Marketo and CRM API credentials

  2. Determine your target goal for scoring – Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) or closed-won deals

  3. Run the model

These items will give Lattice the access to all the information required to pull in the necessary information to generate predictive results. This model looks at Lead, Account, and Opportunity data from CRM for hidden patterns that identify the DNA of your best leads. The model then pulls in Leads, Accounts, and Activity History from Marketo to blend with the Lattice Data Cloud to score all the leads in your database. The Lattice Data Cloud contains thousands of additional attributes across dozens of additional data sources to give a complete 360 degree view of a lead.

The Results

Once the model is built, lead scores can be written back to CRM or Marketo either in batch or automatically via API. The Lattice application will then continue to run in the background, updating lead scores as new activities occur or updated information about an account is detected. This ensures your lead scores are always current and up to date as the information you collect about both leads and accounts changes over time. This also ensures that hot leads can be passed over to sales to be followed up on as quickly as possible.