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Kwanzoo for Account-Based Marketing

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With Kwanzoo for Account-Based Marketing (ABM), increase brand visibility and influence buyers by serving display ads to users at your target accounts
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Influence key buyers
  • Increase site visits
  • Reach target accounts

Kwanzoo’s account-based (ABM) advertising solutions, offered in partnership with Marketo RTP, uniquely integrate display advertising, existing account data in your Marketo database, and IP-based targeting technologies. Buy media efficiently and deliver engaging marketing content and offers to your target account lists.

  •  Serve display ads to users at the target accounts (and to no one else) with pre-set caps on number of ads served per user.
  • Influence buyers at target accounts and increase site visits
  • Efficiently buy media based on IP address blocks of companies
  • Deliver relevant messages and offers to increase engagement and conversions

Marketo Integration

Integrate Kwanzoo with Marketo to capture leads directly into your Marketo database. View lead data, engagement data, and ad activity data. Append hidden fields (Lead Source, Lead Source Detail, and more) to track your leads in Marketo and route them into Salesforce. Append additional fields, include geo and company data, from 3rd party data providers.