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KISSmetrics is a powerful person based web analytics solution that has helped 10,000+ businesses increase customer acquisition & retention rates.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Analytics
  • Funnels
  • Metrics
  • Cohort Analysis

Google Analytics tells you what’s happening. KISSmetrics tells you who’s doing it.

When we understand our customers, we understand how to grow our business. KISSmetrics tracks real people—where they come from, what they do, and who purchases.

  • Discover where your best customers originally come from.
  • Learn how to improve your site and apps.
  • Track people across multiple devices.

KISSmetrics is a powerful web analytics solution that helps you to increase customer acquisition and retention rates, make smarter business decisions, and boost your bottom line. Learn more about how KISSmetrics can help your business at www.kissmetrics.com.

KISSmetrics connects all your data to real people.
It doesn’t matter if people bounce around between different browsers and devices. Every last piece of data gets connected to the person that actually does it. Just like you’d see everything customers did in a store, you’d see everything people do on your site or app.

You get all the reports that you’ve come to expect from analytics. Funnels, cohorts, revenue, metrics, it’s all there. You’ll also get the one thing you won’t be able to live without: people.

Know exactly who’s in each step of your funnels and cohorts.
KISSmetrics shows you the real people in your funnel. Instantly pull a list of every person in a given step or the people that didn’t make it. Want a list of people that signed up but didn’t start using your app? Done.

You can also view groups of people in KISSmetrics cohorts. Group people into different batches based on action and see how long it takes people in that batch to trigger another event like cancelling.

Find any group of people.
At any time, run a People Search for a group of people that meet any set of conditions you want. Go crazy and add as many conditions as you want to your People Search. Whoever you need to find, KISSmetrics brings them to you.

Get to know individual people.
You’ll learn where they originally came from, what they bought, what they did after signing up, and every other piece of data they picked up along the way. It’s not good enough to understand what’s happening. You need to know who’s doing it so you can truly delight our customers.

Ready to learn more about your customers?
Sign up for your free trial to discover who your customers are and what they're doing at www.kissmetrics.com.

Marketo Integration

Marketo provides Webhooks, which lets you tell the KISSmetrics tracking servers when something special in Marketo occurs. This gives you more depth in the data you can send from Marketo, not just what was captured in that form.

If you have forms in Marketo that you wish to track in KISSmetrics, consider the following method.


Here is a quick overview of what we'll be doing:

  • Step 1: Create a field in the Lead Database to save the lead's KISSmetrics anonymous ID.
  • Step 2: Include the Anonymous ID as a hidden field in your form.
  • Step 3: Create the webhooks to point to the KISSmetrics tracking servers.
  • Step 4: Include the webhooks as part of the Smart Campaign that triggers upon form submission.
  • Step 5: When everything is ready, publish the form.

Step 1. Add a New Field For the Lead Database

  • Log into Marketo, click Admin at the top, then Field Management in the left sidebar.
  • Click New Custom Field, and create it accordingly:

01 add new field1


Step 2. Include the New Field in Your Form

Let's make sure your form includes the field you just created. We're going to pull the value of the anonymous ID from the KISSmetrics cookie km_ai, and submit it with the rest of the form.

  • Locate the form you want to track in the Marketo Design Studio.
  • Drag in the field KM Anonymous ID from the Template Form Fields.

Let's modify the Form properties, on the right. Set the Input Type to hidden, and the Field Value to use the options below. You can leave a space (" ") for the Default Value.

02 hide form field1

03 form designer1


Step 3. Create the Webhooks

Now Marketo will keep track of each lead's KM Anonymous ID. But you want KISSmetrics to know that a KM Event happened when the lead submitted the form. For that, we'll need to use 2 webhooks -- in other words, Marketo will hit 2 of KISSmetrics' tracking URLs, according to the API specifications.

  • Click Admin at the top, then Webhooks (under Integration) in the left sidebar.
  • Create Webhook #1 to alias the lead's Email Address to their KM Anonymous ID. Here is a sample URL; remember to replace foo with your site's API key (found in your Site's Settings).

https://trk.kissmetrics.com/a?_k=foo&_n={{lead.Email Address:default= }}&_p={{lead.KM Anonymous ID:default= }}

 04 alias webhook1

  • Create Webook #2 to record the KM Event. This sample URL records the event as "Request Demo Enterprise", but you can change the name. You can also pass along other Marketo fields as KISSmetrics Properties by adding them to the URL, according to our API specifications.


05 event webhook1

Step 4. Connect the Webhooks to a Smart Campaign

In order for the Webhooks to activate, we need to add them to the Marketo Smart Campaign that triggers upon form submission.

  • Locate the Smart Campaign that powers the Form, in Marketo's Marketing Activities. We'll be modifying the "Flow" portion.
  • From the right sidebar, drag Call Webhook to the bottom of the flow. Select one of the webhooks you just created. Repeat for the 2nd webhook. The order does not matter.

06 smart campaign1


Step 5. Publish the Form

Everything is wired up at this point, so let's activate the tracking.

  • Locate the Landing Page (or Pages) that contains the form you are tracking.
  • Include the JavaScript snippet (found in your Site's Settings) in your landing page. This screenshot shows it as a part of a Custom HTML block, but you can also include it in the entire template, too.



07 js snippet1


  • Choose to Approve Draft to publish your changes.

08 approve new draft1