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Influitive AdvocateHub for Marketo

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Powerful advocate marketing software that helps B2B companies capture customer enthusiasm to turbocharge marketing and sales efforts.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • CRM integration
  • Referral automation
  • Sales reference management
  • Analytics and reporting

Mobilize your advocates with AdvocateHub

What if you could capture the enthusiasm of your best customers to promote your product and company?

With AdvocateHub, B2B marketers build an advocate community and invite customers, partners and employees into it to complete a wide variety of “challenges,” such as referrals, reference calls or product reviews.

Capture the best referral leads
AdvocateHub offers a refreshing, new approach to referral automation based on a simple, rewarding experience for advocates, driving higher engagement, more high-quality leads and shorter sales cycles. AdvocateHub proactively suggests referral names from your advocates’ social networks, which they can submit with just a few clicks.

Generate awareness and increase sales through word of mouth marketing
Motivate your best customers to share content on social media, post genuine product reviews and ratings, and create powerful testimonials and case studies that will make even the most skeptical prospects take a second look at your company.

Leverage the wisdom of the crowd
Advocates are the best source for feedback and ideas that will help your teams feel the pulse of the market like never before. Get immediate feedback on an upcoming marketing campaign or your next product release, or get ideas for sessions for your next user event.

Measure the impact of advocate marketing
To maximize the impact of advocate marketing programs on campaigns, sales and revenue, B2B marketers need to understand what motivates their advocates. AdvocateHub offers intuitive reports and visual dashboards to analyze your advocates’ activities. It also integrates with to show the impact of your advocates on sales opportunities and revenue.

What Influitive’s customers say about AdvocateHub:

“A platform that makes running an advocate marketing program scalable. It is well suited for any B2B company that delivers a great customer experience.” – Jeff Ernst, VP of Marketing at Forrester Research

“SMART’s advocates are a gold mine, and Influitive helped us engage with all of them. Mobilizing 1,000 advocates with a few simple key strokes is pure genius.” – Deena Zenyk, Advocate Marketing Manager at SMART Technologies

Marketo Integration

AdvocateHub integrates with Marketo through our mutual connections. After installing our AppExchange package, data flows seamlessly between AdvocateHub and, thereby becoming directly accessible to Marketo users.

Key activities enabled by this integration include:

Segmentation: Marketo’s Smartlists and campaigns can be used to segment advocates to specific advocate groups, thereby ensuring that they are eligible for the most relevant advocate challenges and the most targeted rewards. Once Marketo sets the correct field value to a contact, that data can be mapped to AdvocateHub, thus auto-assigning the individual to the desired target group.

Invitations: Marketo scoring can be used to identify potential high-value advocates and trigger email alerts to their contact or account owners, who can then nominate those customers to join using a custom button within Customers can also be auto-invited to join based on field value changes driven by Marketo.

Activities: Individual advocacy activities managed by AdvocateHub are tracked inside using a linked custom object called “Advocacy Activity” records. Creation of these records can trigger desired Marketo actions, such as thank you messages or internal notifications.

Referrals: AdvocateHub-generated referrals are automatically created in Salesforce as new lead records so that they can be properly routed to the sales team and added to the correct Marketo Program for attribution analytics.

References: AdvocateHub’s custom "Find a Reference" button on opportunities makes it easier to determine a good match for a particular prospect. Marketo can be used to prompt the opportunity owner to seek the reference at the right point in the sales cycle.

And more:

  • When a new advocate is invited to the program, existing information can be imported from if a match is identified.
  • AdvocateHub supports seamless post-deployment integration so that previously recorded activity data can be pushed into anytime after the integration package is deployed.
  • Challenges can be embedded within Marketo Landing Pages using AdvocateAnywhere.

Using these simple integration points, marketers can drive deeper advocate engagement and dramatically improve social promotion of their products and solutions.