Idomoo - Personalized Videos

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Develop personal customer relationships, enhance loyalty and ensure retention by integrating Idomoo's personalized video into your marketing mix.
Main Features
  • Data personalization
  • Real-time marketing
  • Multichannel distribution
  • Self-service templates & APIs

Idomoo: the award-winning personalized video engagement platform produces cinematic quality, data-driven videos in real-time and on a mass scale to an audience of one.

Designed for 1:1 communication – Idomoo personalized videos move each customer to action by addressing them personally with relevant experiences that matter to them.

Millions of Idomoo personalized videos have been created to fuel customer satisfaction, acquisition, retention and brand loyalty. We empower brands, like yours, to engage with your customers at every single touch point.

Learn how you can deliver standout CX and stay relevant in the age of the customer with personalized video:

  • Emotionally connect your customers to your brand for increased NPS and customer loyalty.
  • Craft memorable video marketing campaigns proven to increase ROI, conversion and CTR.
  • Retain the most fickle customers in the face of fierce competition.