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idio for Marketo connects idio's powerful interest and intent data with your Marketo prospect IDs.
Main Features
  • Interest & intent data
  • Predictive content strategy
  • 1-2-1 content personalization
  • Sales enablement & insight

idio for Marketo connects the two platforms together so they can share the insight they each generate on individuals. Common Use Cases include:

  1. Learn what content topics will be most interesting for a segment of your audience based on their job titles. You will know it will engage before you press publish.
  2. View content recommendations for prospects at each funnel stage, and personalize content on a 1-2-1 basis on web and email.
  3. Generate an interest profile for all prospects from a single company, so you can get detailed information to inform account based marketing.
  4. Create more successful nurture campaigns by understanding the interests and intent of your audience and each target persona.
  5. Deliver predictive insight and content recommendations to Sales at the lead profile level, to augment the lead score and basic firmographic data.