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Pipedrive Marketo Integration

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Manage and sync leads, company and activity data flow between your Marketo and Pipedrive.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Two-way sync
  • Real-time sync
  • Powerful data management
  • Configurable workflow rules

Hoosh Marketing’s Pipedrive Integration for Marketo helps businesses supercharge their database and increase sales through a bi-directional and real-time sync.

With our integration, you can set up a variety of automated and personalized programs, triggered by Pipedrive and other criteria, which help you welcome, convert, retain, up-sell, reward, and win customers back.



  • Sync all your Marketo leads  and activities to Pipedrive’s contacts with custom fields.
  • Sync your Pipedrive leads such people to your Marketo.
  • Manage and choose which leads to be synced in your Marketo or Pipedrive.
  • Efficiently use your Pipedrive in creating Marketo marketing campaigns.

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Phone: +61 2 8355 9927 

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Marketo Integration

With Piperdive integrated to your Marketo Integration you will be able to:

  • Sync Marketo leads to Pipedrive or Pipedrive to Marketo
  • Customise what records you want to be synced in your Marketo or Piperdive
  • Sync Piperdive all custom entity fields supported

For Inquiries
Phone: +61 2 8355 9927