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Excel Formulas for Marketo

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Use Excel Formulas in your Marketo Campaigns
Main Features
  • Remove invalid characters
  • Format text and phone numbers
  • Validate Emails
  • Add Score Values

With the FREE Excel Webhook for Marketo you can apply advanced math to your Marketo campaigns and avoid manual work by using formulas to clean your data.


Excel Formulas can be used in Marketo for:

  • Data Cleaning (e.g. remove invalid characters)
  • Formatting (e.g. format phone number, change text to proper case, split or merge first and last name)  
  • Add Score Values Together
  • Get the maximum out of a set of scores
  • Validate Emails
  • Other possibilities


Access FOR FREE and explore the potential of Excel Formulas in your Marketo Campaigns.

>>> Access Here for Free


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