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Plan, launch and monitor 2-Way SMS campaigns directly from Marketo.
Main Features
  • SMS Centre for Marketo
  • Pre-built SMS programs
  • Supports multiple gateways
  • True international coverage

With Hoosh Marketing's 2-Way SMS solution customers can plan, launch and monitor SMS campaigns directly from Marketo.

     >Target your leads through Marketo and track their progress through your SMS campaign. Report on SMS deliverability, click though rates, form fill out and campaign conversion.

     >Engage with your leads and customers easier than ever before with their latest information being captured and automatically updates in real-time in Marketo.

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SMS Center for Marketo

The SMS Center is the core piece of our solution. It’s a collection of programs that are loaded into your Marketo, which will be responsible for managing all the background tasks related to SMS campaigns, such as data cleaning, inbound / outbound queues, auto-unsubscribes, among others.


SMS Pre-built programs

A selection of pre-built SMS programs in Marketo, which are easily editable and require no additional coding, and cover all the possible situations you may use SMS for:

  • Event invites and registrations
  • Pre-event reminders and confirmations
  • Competitions and rush prizes
  • Datasheets
  • In-event agendas, reminders and announcements
  • After-event surveys
  • In store sign up/loyalty programs
  • Polls/surveys/voting
  • Product information 


Use multiple gateways at the same time

Our product is the only solution that is enterprise grade - it supports any SMS gateway and also multiple gateways simultaneously, providing true multi-region and multi-country coverage.


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