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Ensure your Marketo is healthy in less than 30 seconds. Get an instant on-line report -plus- a detailed report sent to your e-mail
Main Features
  • Checks Email Deliverability
  • Instant Verification
  • Convenient Weekly Reporting

The biggest risk of a incorrectly setup Marketo is poor email deliverability. You need to ensure that emails are not going straight to your prospect’s junk mail, especially when sending large volume email campaigns. Other major risks such as email links and landing pages not working effectively can severely impact the success of your campaigns, and these issues are not always immediately apparent. 

The Marketo Health checker is fast, effective and requires no effort or technical skill from your part. What would normally take a Marketo consultant 30 minutes can now be done in 10-30 seconds. 

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Check Email deliverability

Our Marketo health-checker will ensure your Marketo email setup is correct. This ensures optimal email deliverability. It will check that your email (SPF/DKIM) records are active and valid.


Convenient Weekly Reporting

Accidents happen: tracking codes breaks, email settings get deleted. Find out when your Marketo setup breaks before it kills your next campaign. Tick the check-box above to get a weekly health-check report.


Comprehensive and Instant

What used to take a Marketo consultant 30 minutes can now be done in 10-30 seconds. No IT knowledge is necessary. Our tool will check: email deliverability, landing page URLs, email branding URLs and website tracking.


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